Dayfor’s cabinet division is responsible for planning, designing and manufacturing cabinets suitable for each project. They are an excellent option for those who seek to combine exclusive aesthetics and finishes with constructive solutions for a maximum use of space.

Space utilization

Our made-to-measure cabinets are distinguished by their exclusive manufacture following the measurements of the existing opening where they will be installed, providing an aesthetic and finishing that cannot be offered by a standard size cabinet. For example, we can cover pillars, beams or downspouts or, if preferred, conceal these elements. The entire interior is also configurable in terms of shelves (and their fastening system), dividers, bars, drawer units, LEDs, shoe racks, baskets, trouser racks, tie racks, etc. to optimize storage and organization. The doors can be configured with all opening systems (hinged, sliding and folding). In addition, we do not forget the installation, preparing mounting elements to make it quick and easy.


We treat the closet as a piece of furniture that by itself adds aesthetic value to the room. We offer a wide variety of styles ranging from classic and rustic lines to minimalist designs, adapting to the demands of avant-garde interior design.

Sustainable finishes and material.

Dayfor’s wide range of finishes can be used on our cabinet doors, including HPL, CPL or melamine laminates , varnished or stained natural or pre-composite veneers, and lacquers. In this way, we create a homogeneous aesthetic with the rest of the elements of the space, such as the doors.

All our materials and finishes are available with FSC chain of custody for responsible forest management.