Panels and moldings

In Dayfor we have a section dedicated to the moldings and panels that accompany doors and cabinets to make up the decoration in wood. They are simple pieces, although they can have specific technical functions that give meaning to the space.

Fences and flashings.
To form the sheet frame we use MDF as the standard core, although this can be modified to waterproof or fireproof MDF, finger pine or plywood. All coated in our HPL, CPL or melaminelaminate finishes, varnished or stained natural or precomposed veneers and lacquered melamine. For veneer doors, solid wood can be chosen, and for laminates, a phenolic compact frame and flashing.

In addition, we can add different properties such as extensible, postformed in “L” or double “L” shape, with straight or postformed edges.

Baseboards and other decorative moldings.

We manufacture moldings in different shapes, the most common of which are baseboards. Their finishes and cores can be configured in the same way as the frames and flashings.


Our countertops for kitchens or sinks are made of phenolic compact or HPL. The former are ideal for humid environments due to their water resistance, hygiene and ease of cleaning. The HPL configuration is more customizable, in terms of core, edges and designs.


For wall coverings we have several types of panels. The most common bases are made of chipboard or MDF (standard, waterproof or fireproof), with straight or postformed edges. All coated in our HPL, CPL or melaminelaminate finishes, natural or precomposed varnished or tinted veneers and lacquers.

Sustainable materials. Our materials and finishes are available with FSC chain of custody for responsible forest management.

paneles y molduras