Palacio Veedor de Galeras

Palacio Veedor de Galeras

Dayfor has contributed to its restoration, adapting our Dayfor has contributed to its restoration, adapting our “EI” doors to the existing decoration, being respectful with the heritage and providing it with the required security for its customers.


Cadiz, Spain


EI-60 /N



Project description

The PXQ studio in collaboration with the architect Jesús Prieto Barroso carried out this magnificent architectural intervention on the building that now houses 16 tourist apartments belonging to the Hotusa Group.

The Palace House on Veedor Street was built back in 1647. The building was named after “Veedor de Galeras”, an official who supervised the merchandise coming from trade with the Americas. Illustrious merchants resided in it, as well as the Duke of Wellington. During the 19th and 20th centuries, it was the residence of the owners of Banca Aramburu.

The restoration included the staircase and main courtyard, as well as the existing rooms on the main floor. Therefore, the doors had to be adapted to the current security needs, while maintaining the measurements, shapes and decorations of the existing doors in order to preserve the heritage value of the building. Dayfor worked hand in hand with PXQ, who was in charge of the interior design, to adapt our fire doors to their needs.

After a thorough measurement and evaluation of the different challenges posed by the project, we decided to use our EI-60 /N door. This fire door can cover the great heights while respecting its double leaf opening with widths smaller than the standard of our days.

Decorations for the mirrors, woodwork and soffits were also implemented, while the hand-crafted lacquer finish helped harmonize the doors with the rest of the architectural elements.